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Noelle Marie is a creative and academic that has centered her life around the intersection of narrative and performative praxis with cultural theory. Most interested in re-memory, indigenization, and intergenerational language, she pursues storytelling through fictive writing and movement artistry. She uses these dual forms to better understand the diasporic, post-colonized life, and how it has affected her as a Filipina American. 

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kristin Santiago

Kristin Santiago is an artist that moves with grace, patience, and respect— this last being amongst the most important and distinguishable qualities that she holds within her artistry. A transplant from the East Coast, she has come to Los Angeles to challenge herself artistically and personally. Perhaps the most courageous of the three, she has fearlessly shared herself with the world.

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Nikki Mae is an explorer of expression, using various mediums to fine-tune her stories. Her birthing process is elongated, but every finalized form often results as an explosive, poignant creation. Her journey has been an inspiring one and continues to be so as she juggles the art of motherhood with the art of artistic living.

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