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at it's core, gunita collective stands for communal, or collective memory. it represents the intersection of storytelling, performance, and culture. multidisciplinary in nature, it uses movement artistry, visual expression, and narration to foster critical conversations of re-memory and intergenerational language. 


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Projects & VIsions


a palimpsest in metamorphosis: 

an on-going collection of our projects, visions, collaborations, and conversations as they revolve, overlay, and building upon one another. 



It has been an honor that Gunita Collective was been able to join A Stage of Our Own's (ASOO) production for their U.N.I.T.Y Showcase, which featured a compilation of short works created by and centered on Philippine and Pacific Island womxn. “Unity” presented our shared aspects of human experience, portrayed through dance, music, film, poetry, and installation. Videography by Kultura Films. 

Gunita created a piece titled "Ruminations" to explore the individual stricken by the force of post-colonial, diasporic existence, a critical study upon personal psyche and why mentalities of otherness and isolation surface. The piece hoped to explore the intersectional and universal ways in which isolation is experienced as one strives toward the finding of community. As one journeys toward it, the dancers explore the ways in which we garner community without realizing it. By piece end, the movement closed with the communal having been found.





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Gunita Collective most recently joined with the beautiful artists themselves Kyoko Takenaka for the Asian America: The Future is Now performance at Highways Performance Space & Theater in Santa Monica, CA .

Part of the BEHOLD! Queer Performance Festival, this was a multi-sensory performance curated to explore specific themes that center into the Asian American and Pacific Island experience.

Through dance, movement, and meditation, using sound, poetry, spiritual tools, and healing foods, this evening explored where and how we stand in our collective power and honored the future that lives inside us all.

Doors Open: 730

Show Starts: 830

Tickets: 20 Presale/25 Atthedoor

Tickets can be purchased in advance by contacting Gunita Collective. 



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about us


gunita collective...

at its core, gunita collective stands for communal, or collective memory. founded by noelle marie falcis, it represents the intersection of narrative and performative praxis with cultural theory. as a multi-medium platform that uses movement artistry, visual expression, and narrative storytelling, it aims to foster critical conversations of re-memory and intergenerational language.

not wholly movement oriented nor fully theory oriented, gunita represents the merging between the academic and the creative— attempting to find the middle ground between different languages. it challenges its artists as well its audience to connect cultural values and historical presence with contemporary environments. 


founder biography...

Noelle Marie Falcis is a creative and academic that has centered her work around the intersection of narrative and performative praxis with cultural theory. Most interested in re-memory, indigenization, and intergenerational language, she pursues storytelling through fictive writing and movement artistry. She uses these dual forms to better understand the diasporic, post-colonized life, and how it has affected her as a Filipina-American. Her fiction explores her heritage and both the desert and city landscapes in which she grew up. Her work has been published in Kartika Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Riksha Literary Magazine, and VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, amongst others. She is a VONA/Voices Fellow and forthcoming Tinhouse Writer's Workshop participant. She is the founder and creative director of Gunita Collective, a movement based artists group focused upon the exploration of communal memory. 


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