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Imagining SISTER VOICES // Noelle Marie

This piece, now known as SISTER VOICES, was, in its original form, a simulation of the heart of the jungle coming to life. To be honest, this first lens was based and envisioned purely off of the drum and gong work in the recording Trees That Speak by Suzie Ibarra. In my mind, I likened this vision to that of forest diwatas, otherworldly, knowing, and unbound by the chains of colonialism or, even, conventional society for that matter. I firmly believe that SISTER VOICES would have remained an exploration of this image if it weren’t for one thing and one thing only— the karagatan, or the ocean.

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It has been a long time coming. It has arrived right on time. When I ruminate on the concept of Gunita, the concept of radical memory, what comes to me are visions of reclamation, the aligning of purpose between past and present, ancestral body to modern body, and the translation of indigenous warrior via the indigenized to the westernized. Questions that come to me course through these primary thoughts: What of our culture remains today? What of our culture has shifted, morphed, and changed from then to now?

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